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alert* thread hijack in process.

I really would like to slap the Ct state trooper in that interview.

Rolling a stop sign is 100% safe, given good site lines. In fact, there are situations where it is the safe thing to do. I refer to a stop that is not 4 way where you are entering an intersection with a somewhat restricted view and the traffic that does not have to stop may be moving at high speeds. In such a situation the best bet is to approach at maybe 15 mph in second gear. If traffic appears at the last moment, you stop...easily. If it doesn't you hit the throttle and get up to speed before that state trooper comes around the bend at 20 over the limit, as they generally do.

As a general rule, I roll stops lugging a bit in second, maybe 10 mph. I find that cops will generally let that fly. Any more and you are asking to be bagged.

I did get ticketed once for rolling one in such a manner. I went to court and explained how it was 11 at night, sight lines were virtually unlimited and it wasn't even remotely unsafe. They let me off with a warning with the understanding that if I was caught runnign another stop sign in a year, I'd pay both fines. i was a little extra dilligent that year.

I guess the cop has to spout the company line since the truth (revenue operation) is not PC.

we now return you to your regularly scheduled thread.
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