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I told you guys this was bad! Sidewall max is just that. It's not the car manufacturer recommending a comfortable number, it's max you should run them at. You guys who are overinflating are counting on margins of error and safety, thinking they don't apply to you. Tire mfg's aren't responsible for errors in crappy pressure gauges, so that's not one of the margins. One day might be significantly hotter than the next, or you might hit a pothole, or you might need to slam on your brakes. When you need your tire the most, it might blow up.

Saying I know _______ has been running his tires ___% over, doesn't say too much. If you use the same tire, the lot it came from might not be as resilient and you might end up blowing yourself up or rolling your car because of it. You'll never know how much pressure is too much until something really, really bad happens.

Overinflating has its limits, and for each psi, you get diminishing returns. How much safety do you want to forfeit for that fraction of an MPG?
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