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The point I was trying to make (I sidetracked myself with the math) was that you aren't ever going to get consistant results unless you WEIGH the fuel as it goes in. Unless you live in Canada or Hawaii where the gas station weighs the fuel for you[/QUOTE]

In Canada at least in my area the fuel metering is calibrated at regular intervals, although I'm not sure the frequency. The instrumentation man calibrates the temperature compensation circuit and calls it "good enough" if it's within +or- 5%, which he then may or may not write on the calibration sticker attached to the pump. It is not required to put the calibration figures on the sticker, only to state the calibration date.

It has been said that if you go around looking at the different pumps, it's best to use a pump that says +5 on the calibration sticker because you are getting slightly more fuel than you would otherwise get at the other pumps for the same price. Note that this doesn't mean you will get 5% more fuel! It just means that the temperature compensation circuit is overcompensating by 5%, much smaller effect.

This is another variable to take note of.

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