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Originally Posted by Kodak View Post
If anyone is using a dashcam, I'd love to see the setup, as well as the device you as using.

I'm in the process of [probably] adding one myself, and want to keep it cheap and effective.
I have tried a few ideas with differing results. I started out with mini DVR cameras you can buy for about 10-20 on ebay - things like this

Sometimes these come in a tube design but the insides are the same.

They record onto Micro SD cards and can take 8GB ones easily - but the film is split into 500MB segments. When the card is full the oldest is deleted to make room. I've recorded an hour or so on a card and had room left over.

Downsides ? The mountings are usually cr@p - the suction cup fails very quickly. Secondly the batteries are hit and miss, they usually fail after a couple of months completely. Finally the tube ones have a metal case with a glass cover at the front which rattles making the sound useless.

I've now switched to using my phone. Work was kind enough to get me a new Samsung Galaxy S2 (although I understand there is an inferior Apple alternative also available ). I added a windscreen mount like this

which has a slot for the camera. The flexible mount allows you to put it where you like and it can be bent as well, mine is behind the rear view mirror so it doesn't take any windscreen space.

The little blob of blu-tak stops it shaking. The phone also takes the Micro SD cards I got for the other cameras and I can get an hour's journey onto a card in HD. Here is a short test so you can see the quality - I put the SG2 into the shot as well. If you select 1080p on youtube you can see the SG2 figures very clearly.

Hope this helps.
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