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Originally Posted by ProDarwin View Post
There is a similar app for Android phones.
Torque for Android comes in free and paid versions - there is a thread on it somewhere.

I got one of those ELM (?) OBDII adaptors as well for 6 - the usually cost 10-15. The Torque WIKI says they may work but for 6 I got 2 just in case.

Both worked and I sold one on for what I paid for it, and actually also the second one - I didn't get into Torque that much because there were issues about turning the engine off at lights and having the app come back on automatically etc.

It is still installed though and I think (I haven't tried it - yet) it can record position / time via GPS without being connected to the car so you can combine the video and a map from Google - might try this at some point.
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