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Originally Posted by JasonG View Post
Josh, have you posted this on ?
If not, do you mind if I link it?
What is your user name there? Same ? Mine is.
Unless Nacht wants to link it, this is his thread

Yes, actually I do use the same name over there and on every other Forum I'm on for that matter. Just makes it simpler on me. I don't mind if you link whatever you want. I just posted the T-stat information here since I thought it might be beneficial and pertinent. I'm not trying to threadjack

I've had quite a few tanks in town now with 60 MPG. No AC, SGII, timing advanced a couple degrees, 205 Deg F T-stat, stock ALH Auto nozzles(smallest available). I'm not an extreme hypermiler, but I do work at it. I would say 56 in town would be easy to come by with my setup FWIW. maybe eventually I will replace my nozzles(have 170K miles on them) and get a light tune to increase MPG's a bit more. New low RR tires would also help me too.

2002 VW Jetta TDI 5-speed(completed 01M-5-speed swap at 155K miles) 45 MPG City with the 01M, 5-speed 60+ MPG City. Nokian Entyre Low RR Tires. Experimenting with the "Hybrid" 205 Deg F T-stat:

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