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Originally Posted by some_other_dave View Post
Swapping the whole trans would be easier. You have to pull the trans out and open it up to swap gears, and you only have to remove the trans from the car if you're swapping.

The HF has a taller top gear, and it also has a different ring and pinion ratio ("final drive") so that every gear is even taller than it would be in a DX or an Si transmission.

The DX (standard) and Si actually have the same gear ratios, but the final drive ratios are different which effectively gives the Si shorter gears all around. The individual gears for the HF are all taller (except possibly for reverse?) and the final drive is taller as well.

yeah the gear swapping is a ninja task lol. I may consider it myself to keep power and still have good cruising MPG. But my feeling is that this is not your concern? then why hook up vtec? it will only hurt your MPG. Vtecs only purpose is power. Bigger cam lobes and more fuel and timing = less MPG. honestley your better off without it
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