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Originally Posted by SentraSE-R View Post

I know today's cars burn much cleaner than older cars, but I lived through pre-Clean Air Act smog conditions, and I don't like the idea of my car dumping out 3-15X the average air pollution when it's driven normally. I can only guess how bad it is with an unlit cat.

So, P&Gers like me are gross polluters. Lean burn Hondas (including some Insight Is are polluters. The pre-OBDII cars are polluters.

I'm disillusioned by the growing realization that pollution is the hypermiling community's dirt we're sweeping under the carpet.
I remember the 1970's smog alerts in LA where I had to stay in the classroom. It was hard to breathe near the *beach*, no less, so I understand your sentiment.

Here is my question. What are the *total* emissions over the whole commute? The problem with this is that in order to find this out you can infer the emissions from sensor data, or you can rent or install an onboard emissions analyzer. For this reason I started this thread in 2007 :

I was interested in lean-burn at the time, so I wanted to know the NOx.

It's also one reason why I converted my non-heated 02 sensor into a heated one :

However, that doesn't actually do much. I would need to reprogram the firmware in the ECU/PCM to take the mod into account. This is almost impossible with my car.


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