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It's kind of strange that neither of my vehicles actually go into full fuel cutoff. I'm not sure if I really trust that.

I found that by changing the engine displacement, my MPG readings in car 2 became realistic. They came set to 3.0l by default and car 2 has a 2.0l engine. Unfortunately, during the week that I was using the scan gauge on car 1, the readings were spot on (in fact the average was almost exactly what I recorded when I filled up the tank) but car 1 has a 2.4l engine and was also using the 3.0l setting. So that must mean that the scan gauge is reading low on that car... unless it is using a different protocol (car 2 is CANSF whereas car 1 is older) that doesn't need to be scaled. Very strange. The OBDII protocol must output a characteristic or normalized value that requires scaling. The Scangauge manual did not say that inputting engine size is required, so I do find this very strange.

Overall, I am disappointed with how useful the scangauge is. It has satisfied a lot of my curiosity, but has provided very little useful data. Either simple datalogging/dumping to USB drive, or a five-minute average MPG, either of those things would make this thing seriously useful. I'll give it another couple of weeks before I craigslist it.
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