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So what does it say when you are in DFCO? Does it say 9999? I have a hard time believing that both of my cars do not have DFCO mode. Car 1 maybe, it has an electronic throttle, but car 2 is a 2003 and has a cable throttle.

A large part of my disappointment stems from the fact that the scan gauge does not seem to read an actual volumetric fuel flow rate. If it did, setting the TPS cutoff wouldn't matter.

So what else do I need to calibrate? I am not going to use the fuel fill-up feature as I already log my mileage independently, so I don't care to calibrate my fuel tank size, nor my horsepower or any of that silly stuff. All I really cared about the scangauge for (besides a bit of curiosity) was to get a better idea of how factors such as cruising speed affect steady-state mileage, but I'm finding that simple tools that would make that very easy (such as a short-term rolling average) have not been included, and after two weeks of using it daily I've only found that it's very difficult to make a distinct conclusion about anything.
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