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So what did you actually learn by doing these iterations? You got it to read 9999 when it wasn't before? What is the reasoning to think that it's actually using no fuel now after you've dropped the TPS cutoff to 12 below the closed-throttle TPS reading instead of 4 below?

Injector PWM is very easy to translate into a GPH figure (hence why GPH is displayed as a standard gauge). Injector PWM = zero should translate very clearly into DFCO. But the TPS cutoff setting determines whether the fuel consumption is zero (DFCO) or nonzero (MPG = less than infinity) and that makes no sense to me at all. I can understand if it doesn't want to say infinity MPG when it thinks the throttle is not fully closed, but if the fuel flow is zero it seems like any MPG number less than infinity would be imaginary.
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