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Originally Posted by FXSTi View Post
His concern is not passing the smog check, it is reducing his impact on the planet. Just because he might not get checked for it somewhere else, doesn't mean he isn't polluting excessively.

I applaud him for critical thinking but these type of threads that focus on a single point ignore the big picture.

He may reduce or increase his personal pollution but what about all the pollution upstream that got that gallon of gas in his tank? I have never seen a hard estimate but from what I was able to read roughly 100x the pollution emitted from the car itself burning a gallon of gas is created during the exploration, drilling, cracking, refinement and transport of that 1 gallon of gas to his car. This includes many types of pollution more hanous than his exhaust that go in land, sea and air. It also requires manpower and a variety of other resources that aren't fully explained or mentioned that are needed as a result.

I would stand by reducing fuel consumption is more important than slight changes in exhaust makeup.
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