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Surprised no one tried to answer around here.

I like what you're doing & hope the venture is going well. I don't know the curb weight of your design; it looks heavier and less user friendly than but what you say is doable with enough welding and willpower :-)

Problem is "swapping" suspension design and what you give up by doing that. If you look into the Edison2 suspension, it's very untraditional, so you have a challenge there for sure. It also has huge aero benefits and saves a lot of weight. Killing that with a swap brings on a whole slew of challenges and compromises.

The E2 chassis design is for 2 dimensions, but you're working in 3 in terms of landing, and I saw a non-soft landing in the video on your site -- something requiring specialized suspension.

I think the E2 skeleton is what you'd want to work with though. The cage does the same job with half the material input/structure and you need that for any venture into the sky.

Anyway, best to contact them and see what you can do.

Originally Posted by Green_Primus View Post
Thats a thought, with that in mind once they're finally put into product..

With the right modifications could the Aptera/Edison2 Fly?

Now before you start yelling NO! @ me, hear me out. I've been looking around at the webs countless examples of failed "flying Cars" I have found a design that has merit and looks fairly simple to "Bodge" on/into an Aptera/Edison2 design.

Here- parajetautomotive .com

Simply its an ATV with a Parachute bolted on, with a propeller sticking out the back (yes its much more complicated then that but that it in a nut shell.) Now regardless of power source (electric/small gas engine) Could this design be adapted to the Aptera or Edison2? Grant it the stock shocks would have to be swapped out and some controls rigged inside, and some serious reinforcement structurally, but besides that, It doesn't seem to be much of an impossibility.. Right?
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