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Originally Posted by SentraSE-R View Post
Inactivity or the normal way I drive may be raising my emissions, as my HC levels are 3-15X more than average, CO levels are 1-6X the average, and NO levels are 4-7X more than average.
You'd expect these to return to normal with normal driving, right ?

If they don't, it looks like there's some issue with the catalyst.

CO could be due to incomplete combustion, but with excessive NOx you'd also expect high temperatures (and better combustion along with it).

I drove the car 900 miles RT to/from SoCal last week
Did you P&G all the way on such a long trip ?

I know today's cars burn much cleaner than older cars, but I lived through pre-Clean Air Act smog conditions, and I don't like the idea of my car dumping out 3-15X the average air pollution when it's driven normally. I can only guess how bad it is with an unlit cat.
I recall a thread where someone measured the emission when using P&G - the emissions were far higher than what he measured during steady state driving.

He then raised the question wether P&G should be renamed Pulse & Pollute ...

Originally Posted by rmay635703 View Post
NOx by itself is a non-issue.(when combined with other pollutions in a city it is) We regulate the heck out of it but it will degrade in the environment as do aeormatics and heavier emissions, heck A WATER MIST IN YOUR EXHAUST WILL ELIMINATE NEARLY ALL NOX, if you are worried
Some non-issue !
The water mist will make it into acid - I wouldn't call that eliminated.

NOx is just about the worst thing to come out of your exhaust.
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