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Originally Posted by SentraSE-R View Post
I have little reason to think the cat, O2 sensors, & emissions systems aren't working properly. When I'm missing a chicken, and find a coyote in the chicken coop, I'd waste a lot of time looking for hawks, snakes, and raccoons to find the culprit.
Umm, your sample size is two tests on two different days under different conditions.

Since you disconnected the battery prior to the first test, or otherwise reset the ECU (the readiness monitors were not set for some reason), it was in a different place in its retraining (and not even a valid first test for comparison purposes).

HC does not appear to be the most stable thing to measure to begin with:

How do you know it wasn't a throttle position sensor issue? Or operator issue? You don't.

If you are worried about low speed emissions, then stop idling. Your high speed test was fine and well within normal variations. You can usually pay these same folks $20 or so to do a test ad hoc, need to eliminate the variables before losing sleep on this one.

There isn't even evidence of a coyote here, more like a sasquatch, or a yeti

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