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Ken I think what your missing is these (The Parajet & The Maverick) are NOT planes! they are ATV's with reinforced roll cage's That have had a parachute bolted on! Professional Jumpers learned that with a pushing force behind you that a chute designed to lower you to the ground slowly could also be used to put you in the air! Some people just thought that that same idea could be applied to a vehicle. They don't "fly" they "fall with style." So obviously their primary purpose is to go off road for recreation, but in the presence of a location where offroading isn't an option (too wooded) taking the chute out and turning on the prop and you have a alternative, obviously not ment for 100's of miles of flight but limited applications.

Oh a weird side note: Strange, this thread resurrected one year (to the day) from when I last posted.. huh.

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