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When I had my Echo (basically same engine) I regularly got 45-50 MPG with engine on coasting. When I ran through one tank using engine off coasting I got 57 MPG. Maybe you should just try engine on coasting and see how that does for keeping your cat lit. If my percentages are close to yours then your mileage hit would not be so hard. Of course the Echo was much lighter than the XB by a few hundred pounds, with better aero.

Saw a green XB today riding my gross polluter Vulcan 500 to have lunch with my buddy. Thought about yours. Old style carbs and no cat or feedback system on the Vulcan, compared to the CBR it's a relic but loads of fun.

Sentra, when I was 23 years old I had a 67 383 Formula S Barracuda. I was single and making good money, enough to max out my Social Security that year. For 16 weeks driving that 10 MPG gas hog. I burned through 100 gallons of fuel a week! 33 bucks in gas a week, making 13.5 grand a year, it was no big deal and I didn't know any better, but it sure was fun.

These days I would have to ride the CBR to the west coast and back, and back to the west coast every week, to burn through 100 gallons of gas. 100 gallons of gas would last me close to 8000 miles on the CBR.

We've come a long way in close to 40 years. I read somewhere that the exhaust coming out of a car is cleaner than the air going in since 2007. I doubt that seriously but I can remember what the air around here smelled like when I was a kid.


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