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If you saw what I have seen working on cars for a good part of my lifetime, you wouldn't worry so much about the drivers as the cars they are driving, especially now that they average 11 years old.

Rear brakes, no pads, with the caliper piston rubbing on the brake rotor. Front cross member completely separated on one side due to rust. Engine and transmission ready to fall out on the ground along with the steering rack. Pickup in front of you jackknifes when the front u joint lets go. A Subaru tire bouncing 40 feet in the air when it hits a car in front of you after falling off a car in oncoming traffic. A Rambler station wagon driving down the road with only 3 wheels.

These days when I have a tailgater and the left lane is clear I just toss it in neutral and see how slow they will drive before they get the idea. Seen them not pass until I got to 25 in a 45 zone.

The worst I ever heard of was a friends father who was so blind he couldn't see a red light. He could only see the brakes lights on the car in front of him so he kept driving depending on the car in front to let him know when to stop. I guess he didn't need street signs!

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