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Originally Posted by Ladogaboy View Post
I just wonder, sometimes, what is going through other drivers' heads.
Probably something like this: " I wanna get to [insert destination here] RIGHT NOW, and some jackass is in my way!"

I have to deal with that mentality quite a lot. What's ironic is that I sometimes drive through the "historic downtown" part of my town. Speed bumps with 15 MPH speed limits were installed, after some jackwagon speeding through the historic downtown section ran over and killed a shopkeeper.

The "speed humps" are pretty substantial, and spaced less than 100 yards apart... about 4 or 5 of them in a row. Yet every time I drive through there, I see people try to drag race from speed hump to speed hump, while the pedestrians nervously await a break in traffic to cross the street.

One of those jackwagons KILLED somebody while driving like that. But do the rest of them take notice, and adjust their behavior? Nope! But they're more than willing to complain about the speed humps.
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