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So I've been busy and haven't been keeping up with the forum since probably Thanksgiving.
Originally Posted by madmike8 View Post
Is there a setup information page for the revolt controller? Something that tells what settings can be adjusted, and how? Is there a way to set a motor voltage limit? So, if I ran 120v worth of batteries, can I set the motor to see like a 80v max limit?

Read this post and if madmike8 is still around there is a built in function for this. You need to set the motor overspeed limit, dig through the forum and wiki for instructions, but basically motor voltage is directly related to motor rpm, so setting this up will effectively limit motor voltage to whatever you want. HTH.

A update on my controller. I have one of Pauls early rev C controllers. The car has been on the road since May and has over 3500 miles since then. I was having a problem in the cold with the controller not working until it got some heat into it. I also had a problem of the contactor control not working and the controller getting warmer than I liked. I found the P channel mosfet faulty so repalced it and at the same time ran the soldering iron over all joints on the control board. That has fixed my contactor control and also seems to have sorted out the cold weather problem. As for the controller getting to hot, previously I had fitted a large heatsink in place of the steel base plate, but now I've turned the controller over so the heatsink is on top. I recon that it just wasn't getting proper airflow, my engine bay is quite cramped.

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