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last i checked nobody liked paying more for anything than they have to for no reason.

higher fuel prices effect us all even if we dont think so directly.

if it cost farmers more money to run the machines that make inexpensive food then food prices go up. same for interstate trucking.

fares will go up on those bus and train tickets that everybody loves so much.

your electric bills will go higher also as it will cost more for the oil and coal fired power plants to do business.

taxes will have to go up because of the additional cost for the state to do business.

people in europe say oh we've had high prices forever and we deal with it. that may be so but european citys were designed around the idea that people walked because most of them have been around since WAY before cars and even trains. most of america on the other hand only exists because of trains and cars.

if you want to use as little gas a possable to "do your part" thats awesome and i thank you for it but saying oh i wish gas prices were 3 to 4 times what they are now so that it changes the behavior of other people is like saying i wish food prices were 3 or 4 times what they are now because i think those other people are fat.

higher gas prices will benefit you in no way. all it will do is divert money that you could have spent on other things into your gas tank and into the gas tanks of those whos services you use.

if you think it will help the enviroment you're still wrong because then it becomes "cheaper" to burn coal and wood. governments would most likely have to ease up on emissions standards for better mileage new vehicles. people will have to continue driving older vehicles that pollute more because they can no longer afford the new car payment. more people will have to make decisions of buy new tires/put brakes on the car/or put fuel in the tank and hopefully they'll have more money next month

hire fuel prices will only hurt everybodys cause
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