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It depends on the mountains. If you can coast down the mountain without having to brake or use engine drag to slow you down, mountains can actually help your MPG. In a car as light as the CRX you can climb the grades at high engine efficiency (use best BSFC) then coast the downgrades using no fuel. Downgrades where you have to reduce your speed, using brakes or engine braking, will waste energy.
Fortunately the lighter cars require less energy to climb and due to their light weight will not tend to gain as much speed downhill as a heavier car.
You might be surprised.
The swap you are doing has been done many times before. Try searching google under "crx lean burn swap" or "crx lean burn" to see if you can get more info. The HF since its already multi point FI is much easier than the DX which was throttle body and requires less wiring work to get it right.

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