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Becoming discouraged


So after stumbling onto this website I took a radical change to my driving habits. I saw how .much I was spending and wanted to change. I did countless amount of reading and thought I got it. Even though it's still a learning in progress. I do everything I can possibly do for MPG and hardly getting over EPA ratings. Granted it's cold out and having snow tires but I feel like I should be getting more. I drive a Honda civic ex mt 07
EPA is 26/34 most of my commuting is about 50/50 So I figured it should be about 30mpg combined.

Most of my tanks lie above 35mpg with my most recent tank being 38 yes this is a 27% increase but I feel that for the effort I should be getting more

I pulse and glide. I have torque for my phone where I watch everything. I don't accelerate over 85 lod and try to keep it at that. I shift under 2k and always. In neutral. If anyone could share some knowledge on why my MPG isn't higher that would be wonderful

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