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New to me 2001 Prius, now what?

Prius gurus, I need your input. The auction gods found me another hybrid, though a Toyota this time, not another first gen Insight. 2001 with 150,000 KMs (93000 miles). The dash display shows no issues with the battery, but the check engine light is on. Is there a common cause for this with these cars? I will get it to my mechanic to have a look see, but if there is something silly like the gas cap isn't in tight that will set it off I will check that first. I have never owned a Prius before, is there anything else that I should check / change or service right away? The car itself is super clean, still smells like a new car inside (no not one of those "New car smell" trees either lol, smells like a new Toyota), so I think it has probably been well looked after, though I have no service records for it. Any advice for the Prius n00b?

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