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I had a 1980 transam with a 400 pontiac, 350 turbo tranny. cost me $10 an hour to drive just out of college when gas was cheap. not bad. same car eventually went to 425 oldsmobile bigblock, 10.5 compression, 4speed with 30% overdrive on stock whatever 301turbo rearend gears those cars came with. stage 2 centerforce clutch Had some huge tires on the back, so big I had to install 10 inch shackles to get the rear wheel to clear the fenders. the shocks regularly bottomed out. 3 inch flowmaster 40s. In overdrive at 65mph the engine barley turned 1800rpm, barely touched the skinny peda, just purred along in high idlel. I dont remember the mileage i was getting but it was pretty good. spent a few months driving it back and forth to home on the weekends and I dont remember many fillups.

that damn oldsmobile never ran right. Got screwed by the engine builder who put in some bent rods and wrong cam andI spun the bearing 400 miles after getting it. I did the bottom end and got a cam from Mondello, those *******s gave me the wrong cam too. there are 39degree and 45 degree v8 bigblocks, somehow I kept getting the wrong one. eventually I gave the car away. literarily. bought a 10 year old bmw325is and gave the bird to my buddy
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