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Originally Posted by California98Civic View Post
I wonder how often the CAT would be "lit" if you started from cold, running until it is lit, and then did your hypermiling for the remained of the 10+ mile course you describe. Once it is lit, it would more easily be maintained at higher temps by the short pulses in a P&G routine.
I'll find out tomorrow. I suspect there will be no difference, since my 25-40 mph 4th gear P:G ratio is ~ 1:3, and my 18-32 mph 3rd gear P:G ratio is 1:5. My guess is the cat will cool below its light-up temperature with 3-5 times to cool after every pulse.

I also plan a long DFCO test tomorrow to see if I can determine how long it takes to drop the cat from its normal 1100F to below light-up temp.

Rooster, yes, my radiator cooling fan kicks on at 204F, and I get nervous with the grill completely blocked. The fan doesn't do much good when it can't pull air through the radiator. I've wired an indicator light with the fan relay's NO circuit, to give me a visual signal that the fan is on. I'd driven home Thursday and yesterday through Needles and Barstow in the desert, and removed the grill blocks then.

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