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Sentra, if you are blocking the grille and not the radiator itself then the cooling fan would just run more but still cool the engine off. Blocking the radiator itself would potentially cause a problem, but not in 40 degree temperatures. If you can monitor the fan operation and see it running excessively then remove some of the radiator block.

Mercedes had a service bulletin out that clearly stated that their engines would not suffer any damage with cooling temps as high as 256 degrees as long as the system was maintaining pressure and the coolant was the proper 50/50 mix. I'm not saying you should run yours that high, just that 204 is not an issue and probably significantly higher than that is not an issue either. MB had alloy V8's with alloy heads on their engines when they issued the bulletin around 1983.

I might get concerned at 220 as a conservative point on your engine.

I am also very pleased to see that you have not totally abandoned your techniques and I still think you may actually be able to come very close to your previous mileage as you gather more information.

It also does not surprise me at all that the cat temps rise after an engine shut down for a short period of time.

Keep up the good work, and never surrender.

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