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Originally Posted by HyperMileQC View Post
*The brake pads are getting alot of air from the other side of the wheel, and as hypermilers, we tend to not use the brake pedal, by using the driving without brake technique, so the brake pads are pretty cool all the time. I can assure you.
Obviously driving without randomly hitting the gas and brakes on the highway is the way to go, but most of the time the roads are clogged here so its not up to me.
With a large car I'd be hesitant to do this with the higher weight and larger brakes, with a small compact not so much.

Originally Posted by HyperMileQC View Post
*The wheel covers are like ~3 Lbs with the original hub cap, so they are not really affecting the tire and suspension wear .
What I mean with that is that at 35 psi some of the roughness of the roads is absorbed by the tires and not transferred to the suspension components and possibly not causing pre-mature suspension failures.

Originally Posted by HyperMileQC View Post
*45 Psi, over inflated tires? you must be joking. The tire max is 44, so 45 is not too high. Some people here inflate their tire up to 60 Psi, and have no problem.
And some people could inflate them until they explode. But I figured at speed the air expands thats why it wouldn't be ideal the pump up the tires to the limit, especially if you always load up your car.

Originally Posted by HyperMileQC View Post
*The grille block is effectively blocking alot of air from going into the engine bay. But, having a ScanGauge, we can monitor the engine heat, and it stay all the time around 88C (190F). So overheating is not a problem, also, living in quebec, winter is pretty cold, and having a grille block is helping us heating faster the engine. In summer it is less blocked...
What about the trans temp, where does that sit before and after blocking?

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