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I would like to know more about these plastic exhaust pieces.

Im guessing they would be a specific vehicle mod?

thinking back to my youth late 80s mustang GT 5.0 even after a long drive the exhaust tips were still cool to warm to the touch. and even if they touched the plastic bumper they never got hot enough to melt it.

looking at my honda. 2010 2.4L after a drive the exhaust tips are too hot to touch. and they are hot enough to melt plastic. turned the chrome tips gold. the stainless seems to be holding up though.

I know for max power the scavenging effect of hot gasses is better but how about from an economy standpoint?

and also muffler being under the middle of the car would get more direct heat then one by the bumper.

as for grille shutters. my brother has a 2012 ford focus. that has the active grille shutter system. Il see if I can get some pics of how it works. from an OEM standpoint

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