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Originally Posted by MetroMPG View Post
The car has a manual transmission. When was the last time you were concerned about cooling a manual in a passenger car?
I was talking about an auto, didn't notice the echo was a manual.

Originally Posted by Old Mechanic View Post
The front brake pads on my old 94 Civic VX had over 50% of the pad material left at 63,000 miles.

The original brake pads on a 1994 model car in 2010.

5.4 you seem to have a problem understanding, 67% of your fuel energy is wasted as heat energy. Once you lean to drive more efficiently then that 67% drops, in some cases by as much as 50%. Basically this means you now have to re engineer the car to reduce the heat energy radiated away to the exhaust and cooling as well as brake systems.

In fact some members who live in very cold areas could actually drive their cars with only the heater core cooling the engine, even if they blocked off the radiator 100 %.

Plenty of info here and many members who have proven all of this over hundreds of thousands of miles. Stick around and put cash in your wallet, or drive normally and give it to the oil companies. Your choice of course.

Last brake pads lasted me under 30k miles. Drive as calm as you can but you can't get rid of traffic. The only way are endless empty highways (I wish).

I know that some small cars struggle to keep engine heat in winter, but temperatures don't drop down that low here anyways. The concern is the auto transmission, mechs sometimes recommend to add an axillary cooler just to keep them cooler. So my concern is frying the trans unknowingly because the car I have at the moment doesn't have a temp gauge to monitor the trans temp.

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