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Originally Posted by Tesla View Post
Not bad,
I honestly thought I'd get a laugh, but I think you may be onto something, a little more powerful and getting those reflectors right might well look like a regular low beam output.
Hat off to you.

But have to mention the obvious though, legalities?
Thanks! I could never get them legal. However if there was a portable optical headlamp tester and we stopped 10 cars on the road at night in my area I bet 9 would fail the low beams. When I drive at night seems like everyone's headlights are aiming at the tree tops. I put my sunshade down when I have oncoming traffic to keep from getting blinded. (almost all misadjusted!). When they are behind me, I can see the shadow of my individual hair on my headliner or sunshade. That's lighting up the sky ahead not the road. It's a shame that those are legal!

Originally Posted by mans View Post
awesome beginning.

been trying to figure this out somehow too.
thanks for getting the feet off the ground here...
Thanks! I hope other people will try too! Also now higher Wattage LEDs are cheap too so that might worth a shot instead of the small ones I got!

oil pan 4: LEDs emit their light mostly in the forward direction and not much to the side or rear like a regular bulb. These LEDs here are already wide angle,meaning they spread light in the shape of a wide cone but it would still be pretty useless in place of a regular bulb inside an automotive headlight assembly since their light would only shine on a fraction of the mirror surface designed for the incandesent bulbs. ( I actually tried it in a spare headlamp!)

However I have 194 bulb replacement LEDs (side markers) that they made to emulate the light pattern of a regular bulb. Instead of having the typical dome/lens that we see on LEDs, these little guys had an inverted cone shape at the end of the LED. So I guess that would throw some of the light back toward the rear and around the sides instead of the typical forward direction.

Maybe a small cone shaped mirror centered in front of the LED would help?


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