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Originally Posted by oil pan 4 View Post
Where did you get those 194s?

When I was talking about the LED look, I ment the color of the light, those LED pictured put off something like 6500k, are there any LEDs that put off a softer color say in the 2700-3500k range something that looks more like a standard easy on the eyes head light?
Aaah color temp... these are listed as 10000k. I have some that are same physical size but rated as 1W and they are 6000-6500k. Their color is a lot less blue. More yellowish greenish in my opinion.

The 194 replacements I picked up at a trucker store along I-75 on my way to Atlanta. They were about $8 if I remember correctly and there was two in the package. They draw 15mA each. (the incandesent 194 pulls about 280mA)


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