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Originally Posted by SentraSE-R View Post
Starting with a cold engine (~45F), cat sensor 1 reached 550 degrees F in 3 blocks. Cat sensor 2 didn't reach 550F until 7 blocks, at which time sensor 1 was at 800F.

The grill blocks made no difference. EOC after a pulse, and the cat failed to light on the next pulse, grill block or no grill block. Following photo shows cat temp display at the end of yesterday's 10.4 mile P&G drive.

My downhill wasn't long enough. I accelerated to 60 mph at the top of a hill, and went into DFCO at 1100F cat temp. Cat temp rose to 1300F before dropping to 750F at the bottom of the hill, 1.2 miles later. So, unless you're DFCOing 1.5-2 minutes/miles, you can assume your cat stays lit.

Typical cat temps when driving under load.
So Sentra has a new abbreviation CCL. Coast with Cat Lit! He has also created a new level of responsible hypermiling, that is truly clean. With techniques perfected for years, the question remains, how high can you get the MPG while still being environmentally responsible.

I would wager the difference will be very small, and again I heartily applaud your balance of efficiency without sacrificing responsible protection of the environment.


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