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Yeah, it'd need another tank and pump... don't know exactly how much water it would use per cycle, but that's one of those things that a bit of math and a bit more experimentation would determine.
Crower six-stroke engine

In a six-stroke engine prototyped in the U.S. by Bruce Crower, water is injected into the cylinder after the exhaust stroke, and is instantly turned to steam, which expands and forces the piston down for an additional power stroke. Thus, waste heat that most engines require an air or water cooling system to discharge is captured and put to use driving the piston.[8] Crower estimated that his design would reduce fuel consumption by 40% by generating the same power output at a lower RPM. The weight associated with a cooling system could be eliminated, but that would be balanced by a need for a water tank in addition to the normal fuel tank.
Six-stroke engine - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Very interesting. Someone with a bit of knowin' and a machine shop could probably do a bit of work on this...
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