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Originally Posted by Daox View Post
Welcome to the site. Do you have any modifications in mind for the car?
I am planning rear fender skirts, air dam and partial grill block. I'm hoping to get most of that done this spring/early summer so i can touch up the paint in a few places.

I have already removed the power steering belt, replaced the shifter with a short throw (loose bearing trashed the linkage end), changed trans fluid with Amsoil, and just replaced the plug wires again. Coming up on 3 years owning the car so some of the routine maintenance stuff is coming up again.

Also thinking about porting the exhaust manifold and doing a short ram intake to allow for some better breathing. Was considering a TB spacer, but man they are expensive, might have to buy that milling machine after all.

I will also be replacing the passanger side axle soon, but that shouldn't have much of an effect of FE.
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