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Hey guys, thanks for the replys. I will be trying to post mileage logs soon (haven't been tracking electronically much lately due to shattered phone screen). As for traveling down 94, I wish. I'm on 36 most of the time, that is until they shutdown the stillwater bridge in the fall. Stop and go is a killer. I have noticed the difference in mileage even with a strong cross wind so that might be something intresting to try. Although it will likely be skewed by the freeway speed bumper to bumper commuting that I am usually in.

Just have a couple follow up question for Daox, why not the TB spacer? This will lengthen the intake runner length and should increase low end torque which would really help most cars. It can also help with harmonics in the intake. I haven't researched it for mileage claims, but would think that it couldn't hurt if you can keep your foot out of the gas.

Porting the exhaust/intake install is a little different, but increasing the volumtric effiency is the goal and generally in factory intake and exhaust systems are restrictive for NVH and have the biproduct of decreased VE.

But I could be way off based (used to modifying for power).
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