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Originally Posted by ps2fixer View Post
Haha, just count the car as having an alt delete and charge it after every time you drive it . I have seen posts here claiming about 10% gain on FE. Since it don't charge, maybe remove the alt, sell it, and get a new belt for the new config if possible.
That has slowly been dawning on me. The only problem is there's no convenient way to plug the car in at night so I have to carry the battery up 8 stories to charge it in my dorm room. Then again i don't drive a lot so it could be doable.

Does anyone know how long one can drive with a deep cycle battery? Approximate range? What do you do if it runs out?

Originally Posted by FXSTi View Post

Nice pictures of buildings in Detroit, but why are you posting them here? This is a forum about Ecomodded cars and I don't see a car in those pics.

Hahahaha great. I really want to do the other side now, and paint over the stock red paint with mountbatten pink.

I think I'll take the car off the market. There's nothing wrong as long as I charge the battery and don't stray too far.

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