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My first post here other than my intro and i'm in the thick of it!! I have pics of my tires with 105,000km on them at sidewall pressure(44psi, recently upped to 50) but don't know how to upload them here. When i do, the bulge in the middle theory should bugger off! On the other hand, i am still, like everyone here, looking for DEFINITIVE data on braking distance versus tire pressure. I know cars weigh differently and therefore have differing loads on the ground but you get the point. Every time i used to go for a new tire, (which was a long time ago) it was pumped to 32 psi. A month ago i had to get a new tire for my 4 month old kia. The guy put on a new tire and pumped it to 32psi without even asking was it going on the front or back, what kind of car was it (i was in my civic); heavy or light. Nothing, just put 32psi in there, no questions. When i got the car first, it had 32 front and rear and i was afraid to corner in it. It's a diesel and is heavy on the front and i can tell you this, it looked like it was flat on the front and that the tires might pull off the rim at any moment. I suppose my main question is this: If the tire pressure is so bloody important then why dont the tire manufacturers supply us with a grip v pressure graph with every tire. I've seen a LITTLE bit but the data only covered one or two tires and only up to this magical figure of 32psi!! I reckon grip goes up as pressure goes up for an awful lot more than they would have us believe. And of course tire life is extended dramatically. Ok, rant over. Now i want DATA from somebody before i go crazy!! I'm "tired" of this argument. It will stop when i get my data. I promise. But if anybody brings it up after that, i'll give them a serious dose of "copy and paste" Ok, rant over this time. Sorry, i'm sleep deprived, need to go to bed. I work nights.....zzzzzzzz....zzzzzz

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