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Originally Posted by SentraSE-R View Post
I'm about to close the book on my P&G chapter. I built and managed legal cases for a living. IMO, we have a preponderance of evidence proving EOC P&G pollutes the air we breath. Ergo, I'm not going to do it, just as I don't litter and I don't steal.

I took my wife to her college today, and out to Valentine's Day lunch. The drive is poor city driving that used to average low 40s mpg. I got mid 30s mpg.
I recommend doing some lite reading.

I attempted to do something I rarely do, group evidence I've encountered over the years into a nice neat package for you to read (actually I've wanted to do it for a while) Sadly I get an
EPIC fail, some of the nice papers on ocean going ships so an nox pollution isn't at my fingers.

Anyway Over the last 10 years all the info I have read is that the pollution as you define it (aka not CO2) emitted from refineries and transport of fuel on a per gallon basis likely exceeds what your car even running dirty emits.

No6 bunker fuel has tremendous sulphur QTYs and the ocean going ships make as much Nox on a per gallon basis as a 70's benz out of tune. Much of it in the ocean but I believe still worth tallying against the supply side.

Refineries also emit tremendous amounts of benezene, NOX, sulphur and other compounds that are very high if referenced on a per gallon basis of gasoline out.

Now I will shut up until I can find a nice cookie cutter set of data for somebody to look at.

I am still surprized no one has put something together on this regard, they only look at the energy efficiency but not the pollution output on a nox, so2, benezene, etc basis to put next to your pollution chart from your car.

Then again we live in the guilded age of looking like we are green so long as we don't do the numbers on all the stuff upstream from us.

I prefer to not be nieve, ah well.
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