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Grrr :-)
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thats ok bennelson. So does the Prius :-) you know what would be REALLY funny. I mean hilarious funny in a very serious way? If I managed to get 50mpg with my junkyard 96 voyager with a jerry rigged awd electric conversion and no electronics. I think IF this works that well and IF enough of us did it consumers would start to have some serious questions for the likes of toyota GM and other auto makers.

I'm not holding my breath. If I get 40mpg I will be tickled pink. If I get 35mpg it will have been well worth it.

Even at 35mpg this would save me just shy of $84 a month. That means it would pay for itself inside of 5 or 6 months.!! Lets see a prius pay back like that. At 40mpg it would save me $106 a month paying for itself in 4 months.

If I somehow manage 50mpg it would save me $138 a month. Thats $1656.00 in savings PER YEAR for a $400-$500 investment. So yeah I really really hope it works :-) Even if I have to replace the batteries once a YEAR it will still pay for itself almost triple every year.

also it does not matter how the FWD/4WD works bennelson if your car is already FWD only. IE you change nothing except the rear axle. You do not even need the T-Case. If you already have a T-Case IE already have AWD I am not sure how it would go since you would now be REMOVING a drive shaft to connect the EV motor. When I flip a shaft on my cherokee once it LEAKED fluid when I removed the rear yoke (the part of the shaft that goes into the T Case) so something would have to be done with that.

Since I am already FWD only I do not have a T-Case at all to deal with. I am just going to yank the entire rear axle assembly from an AWD voyager once I find one springs and all and just bolt it on. Mount the EV motor and away I go. (in theory :-) hehe

Just got to find a motor :-)

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