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Originally Posted by TheDon View Post
credentials... lets see some.
I've worked for one of the major tire manufacturers for over 30 years. Been in manufacturing, design, testing, was the technical liason to Ford, and my current assignment is in an area where I interact with the outside world. I'm the technical advisor to the 800 number as well as serve on several committes with the various tire technical organizations, such as the Rubber Manufacturers Association, the Tire and Rim Association, and the Tire Industry Association.

My main reason for posting here concerns hyperinflation - inflating tires over the maximum posted on the sidewall of the tire.

I think it might be best if we confine the discussion to passenger car tires and avoid the confusion with Light Truck tires (as defined by the letters "LT" in the tire size) and Truck Tires (over the road, big rig stuff)

And before I start, it should be obvious that I have access to a lot of information. but a lot of it is confined to the normal operating enevlope of a passenger car tire (Inflation pressure in the 30's, speeds below 70 mph, and moderate loads.) Tire manufacturers aren't going to fund studies and testing that doesn't lead to more sales, so the results of some studies won't be published because of that.

Not to mention that a lot of fundamentals have been lost to time - and I think we're going to find this a very real limitation in this area.

Anyway, enough for now, I've got work to do!

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