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Originally Posted by kingsway View Post
I'm hoping to soon fit smooth wheel disks and side -skirts to the rear wheels in the hope it may help with the mpg.
It seems both vehicles already have fairly smooth wheel covers, leaving less room for improvement with completely smooth covers.
Covering the holes in the original covers is another option - done from behind / inside the hubcap, it could be very stealthy.

Rear-wheel skirts will significantly increase the weird-factor.

The manual Perodua has a 5 speed g/box and has nice long gearing. But the auto is only 3 speed and at cruising speed is doing a couple of thousand revs more than the manual!
Those old style automatics are definitely technology from a different era.

It needs new tires, so am thinking of going up a size (approx 2.5%) so I can fit Michelin Energy 3 covers.
If you can, get the Energy Saver - lots better than the Energy 3.

I've just got an Ultraguage which I am hoping will work with the VW.
Are you going to leave it in there when driving with students ?
It would be a monumental distraction.
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