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Turtle Hello from Chicago, IL! :)

Hey everyone,

Came acrost this awesome site when going crazy trying to determine ways to improve fuel economy on my 2000 Buick Century. I've read the 65+ Effeciency Mods and Hypermiling tips, so much great information in there. I recieved this car when my grandfather passed away, I recieved it with 13,000 miles now it has 20,000. Since the car sat for some time while my grandfather owned it I replaced the fuel filter, replaced all the tires with new ones since they were 12 years old. Had to replace a few brake lines that rusted out as well. Other than that I did a few modifications to slightly help the engine breathe better. Got an OEM size magnaflow muffler, its not loud at all thankfully, and installed a short ram intake with a K&N air filter as opposed to the original cabin airbox. Also purchased Scan Gauge2 just waiting for it to arrive today.

Since its winter time as the weather drops so does our mpg unfortunately, I'm going to start recording my mpg with ScanGauge2, I normally accel very slowly, and minimize braking when able. The one nice thing with ScanGauge2 is I'll finally be able to see my engine RPM's, where I couldn't before. Will be useful for highway and city driving. I love this car, its very spacious, rides great, and I'll be working to improve fuel economy.

Thanks for the read, I hope to talk with you fellow ecomodders, and if you have any questions regarding my car i'd be happy to help out.

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