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Using the UG with students!

Funny you should ask... I have indeed tried introducing the idea of 'driving without brakes' to a couple of more advanced students.

It makes them anticipate and look-ahead more. They also tend to drive much smoother and with better control of speed on approach to hazards.

Its something I will definitely be covering a lot more with my students.

Do I get them to drive to a particular MPG using the Ultraguage? No, definitely too much of a distraction - but, later in the lesson I turn the UG around and show them their avg MPG using the new style of driving.

They are both suprised and pleased with the results - so good, positive feedback and encouragement!

I was also pleased - my fuel costs are around UKú300 a month - so a few percent reduction in consumption when the students are behind the wheel is very good news for me - as well as reducing wear and tear on the vehicle and tyres! A definite win-win!

BTW many years ago I lived in what was then Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe) at a time when we had fuel rationing... I thought I already knew a lot about how to drive economically - but I've learned a lot here on Ecomodders. needless to say, the best help is the direct feedback you can get from a device like the Ultraguage.
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