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Some auto tranny cars benefit from neutral coasting some don't. My 2 gm's coast almost exactly the same drive or neutral. My dodge doesn't it actually downshift during coasting and engine brakes. It goes really smooth N-D above 40, below that speed not so smooth. If it goes smooth N-D I can't see how it can hurt anything. But if it doesn't help your coast it's a wasted effort and possible wear & tear.

I'd always leave OD engaged unless driving a lower speed hilly road where it's downshifting every hill.

Cold air intakes, high flow intakes, basically only change peak-maximum power. Regardless of how easy the air gets thru the filter, the throttle plates restricts airflow down to match what the engine needs to do the task asked of it. If throttle is wide open then intake/filter restriction, cold air denser etc... can make a difference. 1/2 a percent of the time we drive.
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