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It's hard to see, but the entire top of the capacitor bus plates are covered in 7 mil adhesive backed electrical insulating mylar. so even with the lid off the enclosure, it would be pretty difficult to short anything out

Had to build an input filter to the dc-dc converter so the voltage can't rise faster than 10V per uS. i series connected a 5 amp fuse, 68uH inductor, and 10ohm NTC thermistor. as the thermistor heats up, its resistance drops to less than half an ohm. excellent automatic pre-charge

Another view of my input filter

You can see all the filter caps. I used a Vicor dc-dc converter, which was a little cheaper and WAY smaller than anything else i could find. however, it's pretty much just a converter (mine was built to charge a battery, they custom build them one at a time.) They dont' come with any internal safetys or fuses or anything.

Couldn't figure out how to make the wiring look nicer on the dc-dc converter. it's hard to add terminals to an axial capacitor with leads that are probably 30 awg. so i fixed it!

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