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Observations from

where the wind " comes whipping 'cross the plain". I take a north and south return trip daily. Often this comes with a bow wind or stern wind of 20+ mph.
I have come to think of this as vehicle Speed over Ground vs. Speed thru Air. A vehicle speed over ground at a stedy 50 mph with a headwind of 20 mph equals a 70 mph Speed thru Air. A steady vehicle speed of 50 mph with a 20 mph tailwind equals 30 mph Thru the Air speed.
Rather than waiting for "dead" air here (never), I use the time to observe sweet spot rpm vs. driving at LOD vs. drivng at rpm's at, above, and below the 2200 sweet spot of my 2.5 L 1999 Mazda B-2500 truck. I factor in current ongoing aeromods and hypermiling techniques. Helpful knowledge.
Paticularly when you spot the " Mothership " of an approaching supercell ready to drop funnels and hail up to 2+ inches.
Real life help in being able to plot the escape course and drive like hell "DLH".
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