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DIY: Honda c70 Passport Electric Conversion

Hello all, I am in desperate need of some serious guidance.

I have recently bought a 1982 Honda c70 Passport for 175$. It is in need of serious repairs and after consulting several people and looking at the machine on my porch, I'm beginning to think this may be more of a project than it's worth. So I'm thinking about converting it to an electric moped instead.

What I need is a vehicle with a 15-20 mile minimum range (I have a 5 mile commute to work and need to be able to get to and from work with some extra margin for error)

Ideally it would have a top speed of 40-50mph (the highest speed limit on my way to work is 45mph, I would like to still get to work in a normal amount of time).

And now here's the big one, I'd like to do this for under 500$ (not including the 200 I've already spent)

The information I really really need is what to look for in a motor (even specific motors to look into). What kind of batteries to get (amps/volts etc. etc. as well as specific examples).

One idea I had for adding distance to this vehicle was adding pedals to add exercise and charging (the problems I can think of with this idea is that the bike is almost 200lbs and so pedaling without the motor on would be useless without a very specific gear ratio, and also the pedals would be hard to place).

So take a look and let me knwo what you think I'd really appreciate any and all help.

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