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doax the pic microcontroller is easy to learn and there is alot of code examples out there to do just about anything you want. the programmers are cheap and tech support ,,,fair. the 16f84 is the one everyone learns on . but i use the 16f877 for most of my stuff because it has 33 I/O that you can program to be any combanation of inputs and outputs, i dont know if you write in assembler but this chip is a risc (reduced instruction set) and has only around 33commands, and cost around $10.00 dollars,then you just need a few resistors,a crystal and a few caps. i have used these chips in some very complex machines, they are rock solid and easy to use once you get used to them.i will be happy to help if you want to switch over to not that knowledgable about arudino, it was'nt out when i started with pic.
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