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Originally Posted by DJBecker View Post
In Houghton, where MTU is located?

One of the guys that I used to work with moved there to be a professor at MTU. He comes back to the east coast occasionally, and lends a hand with our EV project. He was a one that figured out that our armature was spinning on the stationary motor shaft. That was after months of trying to figure out if the screeching noise going uphill was caused by the motor controller firmware (modified countless times), bearings (replaced), transmission (replaced), coupler (re-made five times), armature position (spacers on case and bearing seat re-cut on a lathe).

I understand that it's warm and sunny there most of the time. Everyone has snowmobiles, but it's never cold enough to use them. Or something like that.
Yeah, exactly at MTU! they are entering an electric machine of their own, it's rear-driven, which offers lots of benefits on a track powered vehicle. wisconsin maddison will also be there, as well as south dakota school school of mines, a group from canada, and i think a couple of others.

incidentally, here's another video of the machine, the camera guy came and jumped on and interviewed me while we drove around haha

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